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Attorney General Praises Expanded “Do Not Call” List

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March 19, 2014 — The


Attorney General Greg Zoeller thanked legislators for their support of consumer protection and public safety bills that passed during the Legislature’s 2014 session. Jess Seabolt of TheStatehouseFile-dot-com reports:

The legislature passed a bill that would go further to protect Hoosiers from receiving unwanted calls in their homes. The bill bans companies from selling or transferring numbers on the do-not-call list.

Lawmakers also passed a resolution urging federal officials to take action against overseas companies making those calls.

Indianapolis Rep. Mike Speedy says that’s necessary because the state doesn’t have jurisdiction.

“It urges the federal government to do its job in protecting the privacy of Hoosiers.

Currently, there are 23 million Hoosiers on the Do Not Call list and in 2013 there were approximately 14,000 complaints from consumers who received unwanted solicitations despite them being on the list. Sen. Jim Merritt, who authored the bill, says that this bill would not bring an end to the issue.

“This is a situation where this piece of legislation is not the end all, it’s not going to finish or complete the problem but it’s another attempt by us to make sure that robo calls are not going into homes.”

Merritt’s concern is with advancing technology but hopes the bill will give many Hoosiers’ privacy back.





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