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ARC of Northwest Indiana Shutdowns Homes

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October 3, 2013

92 disabled residents of 22 Northwest Indiana group homes run by ARC are being relocated. Host Steve Walsh gets reaction from state regulators who found deficiencies and from the head of ARC of Indiana.

And it’s the third day of the partial shutdown of the federal Government. Host Steve Walsh finds out what the  Indiana National Guard is telling its solders and private contractors, and the confusing mix of ways they may be paid in the coming days, assuming they’ll be paid at all during the shutdown.

We also dive into the local and state reaction to the first week of healthcare exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Guests include:

Dennis Rosebrough Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) ACA Communications Director

Dr. Janet Seabrook CEO at Community HealthNet

LTC Cathy Van Bree Joint Forces Headquarters – Indiana Public Affairs Officer

Jim Gavin Director of Communications and Media, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

John Dickerson executive director of ARC Indiana



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