Anti-HIP 2.0 Commercials Air Across Indiana

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June 20, 2014 — A conservative group is running radio ads across Indiana this week urging Hoosiers to reject Governor Mike Pence’s proposed healthcare expansion plan known as HIP 2.0. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:



Pence’s proposal is meant to provide affordable healthcare coverage to low-income Hoosiers by using federal dollars to fully-fund the Healthy Indiana Plan for those making less than about 24 thousand dollars a year for a family of four. Those making above that much, up to about 33 thousand a year, would be required to contribute to health savings accounts, but they would also receive more benefits. A national conservative group called the Foundation for Government Accountability is slamming the plan in a radio ad that calls Pence an Obamacare activist:

The Pence plan expands welfare and will steal money from schools, roads, and police. And this Obamacare expansion cuts Medicare and forces seniors to the back of the line for critical services.”

Pence says his administration has opposed the Affordable Care Act at every turn, rejecting a state-run healthcare exchange and expansion of traditional Medicaid:

But if we have the opportunity to expand what has been an extraordinarily successful program for Hoosiers starting out on the first rung of the ladder of success known as the Healthy Indiana Plan, we’re going to work very earnestly to do that.”

Pence says he welcomes input from all corners but is pleased with the broad support his proposal is receiving within the state.


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  1. SMS says:

    Hip 2.0 has stolen my Medicaid but nice people that they are they will allow me to buy it back… State sanctioned theft and extortion is the new rage in Indiana

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