Another Online I-STEP Exam Delay

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An online “attack” briefly shut down the website Indiana students were using to take their ISTEP tests yesterday.  As StateImpact Indiana’s Kyle Stokes reports, the company that administers the exams says testing resumed after a 13-minute interruption.

Testing company CTB/McGraw Hill posted an update on an ISTEP status webpage saying its network faced –quote– “a Denial of Service attack against a separate internet application” around 10:45 Monday morning. While the testing company couldn’t be reached to clarify this statement, a “Denial of Service” refers to an online attack designed to shut down an online computer network. Monday’s interruptions came two weeks after apparently-separate problems with testing company servers caused widespread disruptions to online ISTEP exams over two days. Indianapolis Public Schools spokesperson John Althardt says the district briefly suspended ISTEP testing during the interruption. Though the go-ahead to resume came shortly thereafter, Althardt says the effects of the delays are beginning to add up:

Althardt: “We don’t have the luxury of losing time, so any disruption for a large school district like ours is going to be magnified.”

The testing company’s update says CTB technicians will “continue to monitor the issue throughout the testing period,” which now extends through Friday. For StateImpact Indiana, I’m Kyle Stokes.


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