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Angel Hair Cafe Just off the Beaten Bike Trail

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APRIL 5, 2015 – Angie Avorio is the head chef of Angel Hair Cafe in Griffith. Technically, it’s located on Broad Street. Technically. More than that, it’s located just inches off of the bike trail that runs through town. An avid bicyclist herself, Angie operates her business every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the warm months. Her hope is to provide local Northwest Indiana cyclists with a healthy alternative to gas station “quick-fix” snacks as they enjoy the sunny side of our region’s seasons. In between a swarm of orders, Angie took the time out of her busy day to speak Lakeshore News’s Eric Reithel. Click the link above to listen to the story. To learn more about Angie and Angel Hair Cafe, visit them online at their website.


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