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And The Award Goes To…

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One year ago this month, the entertainment gurus at – a top 10 online destination for celebrity and entertainment news — put in their ridiculously early Oscar nominations. And a majority of their predicted nominees are now up for Academy Awards. How did they know? How do they do it?

On this annual Academy Awards preview show, one of the Zimbio movie masters – Senior Editor JJ Duncan – will share the firm’s wealth of entertainment knowledge and secrets. We chat with JJ on the studio line.

And we’ll talk with Kate Olesin, an associate editor with National Geographic Kids’ Books in Washington, D.C. about a book that focuses on the Oscar-nominated movie, Twelve Years a Slave, which won the Golden Globes’ biggest honor.

The movie is based on the incredible true story of one man’s fight for survival and freedom. And Judith and Dennis Fradin’s book, Stolen Into Slavery: The True Story of Solomon Northup, Free Black Man” follows Northup through his 12 years of bondage as a man kidnapped into slavery, enduring the hardships of slave life in Louisiana. We’ll chat with Kate.

Later in the show we also talk with Kevin Morgan, Manager of the Portage 16 IMAX theater about the annual Oscars viewing event his theater hosts again this year, on Sunday evening. Red carpet and all.

Tune in!


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