Ambassador Apts. Next On Demolition List

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November 10, 2014 — The former Sheraton Hotel in downtown Gary is now a pile of rubble, so the city’s now setting its demolition sights on the crumbling Ambassador Apartments at 574 Monroe Street.  It’s now slated to come down next year.

The 68-unit Ambassador once had the fanciest amenities of its day and U.S. Steel managers and supervisors were among its tenants.  Some historical accounts say the Ambassador was one of the last buildings in the city to integrate during the 1960s.

But city redevelopment officials tell the “Post-Tribune” that the 86-year-old eight-story apartment building has been closed since the 1980s and vandals’ve removed everything of value from the interior and left behind graffiti and empty liquor bottles.  Some of the exterior façade has also been stolen, leaving loose bricks that tumble off during storms.

Gary Redevelopment Commission director Joseph Van Dyk said the Ambassador Apartments’ demolition is expected to cost about 800,000 dollars,


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