Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

All Things Super Bowl

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On today’s Super Bowl-themed Casual Fridays Radio Show, we explore the pop culture power of those multi-million dollar TV commercials with local advertising and marketing experts Martin Oleksy and Matt Valuckis, hosts of “The Ad Men” radio show on the Lakeshore.

Also, on today’s show we’ll chat with local Broncos and Seahawks fans, a sports-bookie odds-maker, and we’ll toss you a football field-full of interesting facts, silly trivia and odd tidbits about this Sunday’s Big Game.

Plus, does God care about the Super Bowl? Is the Super Bowl to compulsive gamblers like New Year’s Eve is to alcoholics? And in terms of television viewership, what are the Highest Rated Super Bowls of All Time? We’ll tell you.

On a broader field, what is the Super Bowl really about? I say Sunday’s gridiron granddaddy of gluttony is not only about NFL football, crass commercialism, and America’s fascination with itself. The over-hyped pigskin propaganda also offers us a day-long reflection of ourselves – what we want, what we value, and what we deem important.

Maybe it’s watching one team of pampered, over-paid, egotistical behemoths play a kid’s game against another nearly identical team. Maybe it’s watching an all-out blitz of high-priced, high-production commercials hawking everything from cheap beer to expensive cars. Or maybe it’s watching the glitzy half-time show, featuring who we deem as stars. Possibly it’s the overall attraction of the entire pop-culture spectacle. Or maybe all of the above.  On today’s show, we’ll break it down.


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