Ag Gag Bill To Be Studied This Summer

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State lawmakers say putting the so-called “ag-gag” bill in a summer study committee could help smooth the way for the measure’s passage after it died on the final day of the 2013 session.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports on the ongoing effort to crack down on people taking defaming photos and video at farms and factories:


The “ag-gag” bill is aimed at criminalizing scenarios such as animal rights activists taking pictures at a slaughterhouse and publishing them in an attempt to hurt the business.  Macy Republican Bill Friend, the bill’s House sponsor last session, says the summer study committee examining the issue will try to find a balance between protecting the rights of both property and free speech — a balance he says lawmakers struggled to find during session:

“We were rushing, rushing, rushing trying to get language that would satisfy the constitutional lawyers and language that would address the issue and I think we just, you know…the clock ran out on us.”

But Bloomington Democratic Representative Matt Pierce doubts the study committee will be able to find the balance. He says the restrictions are “inherently bad policy”:

“When you look across all of Indiana, I have not heard of people having their property invaded by camera-wielding whistleblowers.  I have not heard of the problems that they’re trying to solve.  I think it’s a solution searching for a problem.”

The study committee on economic development will consider the issue this summer.  Friend says he hopes the committee can produce a draft of potential legislation the General Assembly could consider next session.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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