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Affordable Care Act Response Shows Demand

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October 2, 2013 — The first day of “Obamacare” implementation now complete, public response to healthcare insurance and provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act shows a demand for those services, with the Obama Administration saying the ACA implementation help offered at its website had more than 2 million visits yesterday.

That web traffic level amounts to tenfold more users than ever have been on the website at one time.

A regional health care provider agrees that  the first day of registration for the Affordable Care Act was not without glitches but demonstrated that demand for health care insurance is strong.

Beth Wrobel is Chief Executive Officer of HealthLinc in Valparaiso, and she says the agency is prepared to help clients navigate their health insurance options and find the best fit possible.

Beth talked with Lakeshore’s Jodi Juhl about the initial launch of the healthcare market insurance exchanges and what people need to know.  Click to watch.


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