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Ad Men, September 9th

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Apple, Yahoo & Wrigley gum tries to keep up with the millennial generation
We eagerly keep track of the live release of the newest Apple products. We cover the Mentos brand keeping the jingle but updated catchphrase for the millennial generation. Gum is also changing its marketing strategy for the millennial kids fashion choices being tight pants with no room for even a pack of gum.

We chronicle the Wrigley advertising from the 1960’s informational jingle to their newest spot with no words but powerful imaginary that doesn’t say the brand until the last second. Speaking of powerful images, Guinness also airs a new ad that could really be used for anything but ends with the group drinking the beer. Does that feel good no advertisement ad work?

Speaking of working, does Yahoo’s new logo cut the mustard? Matt & Martin discuss all this and more on The Ad Men.


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