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Ad Men June 4th, 2013

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JCP billboard called the teatime for Hitler, more trouble for JCP when people see a billboard ad that appears to look like Hitler (or Charlie Chaplin).  Are people just kicking them while they are down or are this legitimate beef?

We cover gender roles in advertising continued from last week’s show. Cheerios has bi-racial family in most recent ad, which stirs up issues in the consumers. A little girl wants her dad to live longer, so she pours cheerios on him; why is this anything but a tender moment? The controversial ad is reminiscent of the JCP having gay & lesbian families in new ads despite protest. While the company Frito-Lay does the opposite of Cheerios by taking a few of their major brands: Ruffles and Lays and decided to put ladies in charge of the men’s rebranding. The ladies used “bro-search”, talking to men in bars about junk food habits.

No small business shout out this week, instead we talk about the Best of the Region’s from the Times. $1 Shave Club has a father’s day special and fun cheeky ad by the CEO, which is reminiscent of the Old Spice ads of non- sequitur style and hitting the “gentlemen” style.


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