ABATE of Indiana Plans “Scooter Summit” On Mopeds

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September 3, 2013  — LAFAYETTE —  A bikers’ group is planning a “scooter summit” to discuss ways to improve Indiana’s laws on mopeds to keep riders and other drivers safe.

ABATE, or American Bikers Aimed Toward Education, says mopeds aren’t defined or mentioned under the state’s law governing motorized bicycles. The law hasn’t been updated since 1991 and defines motorized bicycles as two or three-wheeled vehicles that can’t exceed 25 mph on a flat surface. Riders aren’t required to insure them or have a driver’s license.

Ohio requires drivers to pass written and vision tests. Illinois subjects mopeds to the same requirements as all other motor vehicles.

ABATE of Indiana executive director Jay Jackson said he hopes the summit will lead to improvements in Indiana’s regulations.


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