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Business Helps Students Put Best Foot Forward

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September 16, 2013 — Students at Pines Elementary school learned a lesson in generosity by going shoe shopping.  The students each took home a new pair of shoes thanks to the Chesterton-based DeLaine Skincare line and Shoe Carnival.

Pines elementary students took a break from learning to get a brand new pair of free shoes. Sean Crandall is the Director of Operations for Delaine skincare, an eight-year old business that caters to people looking to improve their skin.  He says the owners,  Michelle O’Laughlin and Dr. Douglas Van Putten believe it is important to give to the community.

Director of Operations Sean Crandall says, “DeLaine skincare gives 10% of our net profits back to charity, every year and one of the things we’re created is Del Angels which our charity aspect of DeLaine skincare.”

Pines elementary, 4th grader, Morgan Nevills says, “You get to pick from all of the different shoes. I love mine in particular.”

Pines student Dallas Kirchman says, his mother told him, he can select any pair of shoes as long as they are size 1, “they fit me really good.”  Jayda Coleman, a 2nd grader says, “they are sparkly, I like white shoes.”

Pines principal Scott Braun says the students are thankful for the shoes and so are their parents, “Unfortunately, due to today’s economical times, some of our kids, families do not have the opportunity to purchase a quality pair of shoes, so it is a great way for them to take care of that part of the dress code.”

Lakeshore’s News Reporter, Denise Turner says, “DeLaine skincare is providing all types of shoes from outdoor shoes to dress wear.”  Crandall says, “Pines is just like many schools across the country, in a financial burden when it comes to school supplies, uniforms, clothes, shoes.”

Principal Braun says DeLaine’s kindness helps students look good and feel good and helps parents by giving them one less financial concern to think about.



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One response to “Business Helps Students Put Best Foot Forward”

  1. Sue says:

    I think its great they helped the children however I think its unfair to all the other schools and children who really need help that they did it the way they did. So now many other children who really need who could have benefited from this donation didnt because one school was picked out. Just saying I think this could have been spread out to help the children who really needed them instead of giving to just one school they should have mixed it up between the schools.

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