A-F School Grading System Heads Toward Revisions

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August 30, 2013 — Indiana’s governor, state superintendent and legislative leaders have laid out a roadmap for how they’ll re-write the state’s A-F school rating system for schools.  As StateImpact Indiana’s Kyle Stokes reports, they’ll have two months to recommend how to re-tool a complicated system.

Every school in Indiana gets a letter grade based, for the most part, on their students’ performance on statewide tests.  The rating system’s chief architect, former state superintendent Tony Bennett, quit his job in Florida over fundamental questions about his staff in Indiana calculated those grades last year.  But state lawmakers had questions about the formula that pre-dated that controversy — they ordered a re-write for the accountability system back in April.  This week, top officials in Indiana’s executive and legislative branches agreed to appoint a panel of educators to make a recommendation for how the state should calculate school letter grades in the future.  State superintendent Glenda Ritz will co-chair the panel.  Her Department of Education, Governor Mike Pence, and leaders of the Indiana House and Senate will each appoint one teacher, one principal, one superintendent and a “technical advisor” to the panel.  Pence said in a statement he’s “grateful for the opportunity… to review and restore public confidence in our system of school accountability.”  For StateImpact Indiana, I’m Kyle Stokes.


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