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A Court Reporter On Casual Fridays

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Potheads unite on today’s show, where the controversial issue of medical marijuana and its legalization in this state will be discussed.  We will share comments from a few region lawmakers as well as talk with the 60-year-old pot-smoking-for-pain-relief LaPorte woman who Jerry profiled in a recent column.  She has interesting updates for us.

Also, court reporters typically melt into the shadows during trials, hearings and depositions, quietly tapping away on their three-legged stenographic machine to capture every word.The rare time they get noticed is when they’re asked to recite the last few words of witness testimony or to remind an attorney where he or she left off. Otherwise, court reporters are laser focused on the task at hand, usually near the judge’s bench, typing a mile a minute on an odd-looking machine that makes no sense to anyone else.

Later in the show, we’ll chat with Nicky Rodriquez, director of admissions at the College of Court Reporting in Hobart about this seemingly quiet and unassuming job.

And are you ready for BURGER WARS, which begin today?

It’s a bracket-style contest to crown the best burgers in Porter County and it kicks off TODAY. The Epic Eight, identified as having the best burgers in the county through social media mentions and surveys, will battle head-to-head until a winner is crowned.

Porter County’s Epic Eight are: Burgerhaus, Valparaiso; Franklin House, Valparaiso; Industrial Revolution, Valparaiso; Octave Grill, Chesterton; Piggies and Cream at the Depot, Kouts; Pikk’s Tavern, Valparaiso; Village Tavern, Porter; and Wagner’s Ribs, Porter.

Later in the show, we’ll talk with a representative from Indiana Dunes Tourism about Burger Wars and how YOU, Lakeshore listeners, can join in.

All that and much more, including the death of a pop culture icon.


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