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A Christmas Miracle on Taft Street

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December 19, 2013 — By Denise Turner

A Merrillville church is calling its community Christmas gift give-away “a miracle on Taft Street.”

Parishioners at Laurel Church Ministries offered help to families who might not have many options for the holiday celebrations.  Gift baskets and other gifts from local restaurants were just a few of the items passed out during the holiday event tonight.  Church officials say about twenty local businesses donated dozens of toys to help make the event a success.  The church says it also is giving away big ticket items. 

Laurel Church Associate Pastor Victoria Raftery says, “The community should be the one rising up, they are the ones that we support, and then hopefully they will support the needs of the others because we are one big unit and need each other.”

Dairy Queen Manager Melissa Truvisol says she is happy to give to people in need, “It feels absolutely wonderful.  This is what giving and the holiday and everything means to me;  it the most important thing.”

Nicole Mobley is grateful for the 2 toys she selected this year, “I liked the teddy bear because sometimes I feel lonely, and I wanted to pick a Ken doll so I could play with the Barbie doll.

This is the church’s second holiday gift and food give-away.



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