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Restaurant Thanks Customers With Free Meal

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November 27, 2013 — Round the Clock Family Restaurants  co-owner John Christodoulakis says, “We try to give back to them what they give us.”

Round the Clock Restaurant is giving thanks for its customers with turkey, dressing, corn and pie topped with whipped cream in a meal shared with its patrons today.

Robert Carpenter and his wife Carol eat at Round the Clock regularly, and he says, “For these people to do this, I’m getting emotional.  It shows their appreciation, and we really appreciate everything.”

Carol says, “This is wonderful, more people should do this for people, they appreciate their customers and we appreciate all that they do for us.”

Since Round the Clock gave its first meal in the 1980s, now it serves 500 for Thanksgiving.

Danny Oliver’s family traveled to Chesterton from Kentucky.  Oliver says, “Just being with my family and enjoying the people and the environment, it was just really nice and very comfortable and convenient.”

Oliver’s daughter Jaime Hutka says, “It feels great to be home for the holidays and being away, from our families is kind of hard all the time, so it’s nice to come home and be with our families.”

Many who attended Wednesday’s dinner say they enjoyed the meal, grateful for the act of kindness shown to them by Round the Clock owners.


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