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911 Deal A Culture Shock For Some Departments

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October 28, 2013

Host Steve Walsh looks at Lake County’s effort to broker a compromise on 911. Some suburban communities feel they’re paying too much. At the same time, the county is on a tightening state deadline.

The Illiana gets all the press but Illinois and Indiana are cooperating on a less controversial transportation plan, this time for bikes. They celebrated a major milestone over the weekend.

After the last drought, Indiana is looking a little parched. At least enough to get the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to endorse creating a water plan for the state.

That and we revisit problems with the tobacco settlement.

Guests include:

Thomas Dabertin, E911 consultant for Lake County

Town Manager Thomas F. DeGiulio Munster town manager

Vince Griffin, vice president of energy and environmental affairs, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

John Wilson, Director of Parks and Recreation  of the Lan-Oak Park District



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