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809 Could Equal $2435 … Per Minute

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August 14, 2013 — Michigan City Police are warning residents about a scam that is making a comeback even though it has been in circulation for years.

The scam surfaced again for police when an officer became an unwilling target.

The scammers are sending out emails telling recipients they will get a message on their answering machine which asks the recipient to return a call to a number beginning with the 8-0-9 area code.

Police say, “Because this area code is from the British Virgin Islands (Bahamas) this area code is similar to a “Pay Per Call” number that is not covered under U.S. Regulations like 900 numbers.”

The false reason given for the call is because a family member is ill, has been arrested, has died or because the recipient has won a prize. In each case the recipient is told to call the 809 area code. Michigan City Police say, “Since there are so many new area codes people are unknowingly returning these calls.” When that happens the recipient is left on hold and police say their account can be charged up to $2435 per minute.

Police say not every 809 area code phone number is part of the scam and the amount of money involved may be exaggerated … but if you receive the email … you should forward it to police at ASK-A-COP AT or call them at 219-873-1461 ext. #333.


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