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No Charges Against Self-defense Homeowner

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July 16, 2013 — La Porte County, Indiana’s sheriff says his department is closing the case of a shooting death without recommending criminal charges against a man who reported to police that he’d shot an intruder in his home after a physical altercation.

Sheriff John Mollenhauer says an investigation of a July 8, 2013 shooting death during a residential break-in and attempted robbery in the 6700 East block of County Road 1000 North has been closed with no charges being filed.

The Sheriff’s Office says its investigators completed an investigation into the burglary and shooting and tendered, sending their findings to the La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and after reviewing the findings La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Szilagyi concluded that residential victim Stephen Penny acted in self-defense when he shot Jason Rabe. Mollenhauer says the Szilagyi plans no further action after the investigation showed that Rabe broke into Penny’s home before they struggled, causing Penny to act in self-defense when he shot Rabe once in the chest. Rabe was pronounced dead at the scene from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Sheriff Mollenhauer says his office has closed this investigation due to the findings of the investigation and of the County’s Prosecuting Attorney Office.


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