Environmental Culture In Region, Just Natural

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July 4, 2013 — A non-profit dedicated to protecting and restoring ecologically significant areas in northwest Indiana has a new home. The Shirley Heinz Land Trust offices have moved to the Meadowbrook Conservation Center and Preserve on 74 acres in Valparaiso.

Trust Executive Director Kris Krouse wants the trust to expand, along with public stewardship for natural environments, seeing a wave of public interest in the environment as a genuine culture shift.

Question: Is there a cultural shift, do you think, making in a cultural priority in 2013, different even than 10 years ago or a generation ago?

Kris Krouse: “I’m probably a little biased, but yeah, I think we’ve come a long way. I’ve been in the area since 2005, and I’ve seen progress. A lot is happening, and not just in the last five-to-six years, including efforts like that by Representative Pete Visclosky, laying out the Marquette Plan, and others and a lot of selfless people committed to the cause.

These people have no self-interests, making the environment the priority, knowing its importance to all of us, working tirelessly to protect it. I think it’s just exciting, and personally it has to do with people. The environment is easy to get passionate about in the Region because of people committed to it, so it’s fun and exciting to see the shift, and more projects on-the-ground that have been in the works for years and years.”

Shirley Heinz Land Trust Manages About 1200 Acres IN Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties, protecting natural land in the southern Lake Michigan Watershed.


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