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FSSA Offers Help On New Child Care Rules

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Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration is reaching out to child care programs around the state to help them comply with new requirements created by the General Assembly. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith has more:

FSSA’s Bureau of Child Care is using emails, letters, internet training sessions and teleconferences to help child care providers get up to speed on a variety of changes required by legislation passed in the 2013 session. Bureau of Child Care administrator Melanie Brizzi says new requirements include fingerprinting of all employees and national background checks through the FBI:


They’re also going to have to implement discipline policies that they share with the families of the children in care. They’ll need to take training on child abuse prevention and detection.”


Brizzi says many of the changes won’t be easy for parents to notice. She encourages families looking for a program to use the state’s child care information website:



Parents can find a wealth of information about the different requirements, what providers are required to do. They’re also able to do a very robust online search that can help them locate providers who are meeting standards that are important to that family within their area.”


Brizzi says all new child care programs will need to comply with the requirements when they apply for licensing. Existing programs will have to respond to the changes before the state conducts on-site inspections later this year. Brizzi says the state is providing more training opportunities to ensure providers have enough time to comply. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.



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