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Slager: Tax Freeze Unfair. Griffith Likely To Get Authority To Leave Cal. Twp.

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Rep. Hal Slager, Republican from Schererville, told Regionally Speaking Host Steve Walsh about his effort to lift the property tax freeze lawmakers imposed on Lake County in 2007, as an incentive to pass a local option income tax. The bill passed the House and was headed to the Senate.

Slager is also House sponsor of a bill that would allow Griffith to vote to succeed from Calumet Township. He told Regionally Speaking Host Steve Walsh that he will agree to language inserted in the senate bill would allow the township to vote for secession, if the township cannot cut its rate to less than 12 times the state average in two years, with the second year being overseen by a state monitor.  Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary, had told the Lakeshore that Calumet Township was hoping for more time to negotiate more favorable language. With Slager’s agreement, Griffith is now poised to have the ability to vote for secession that it has sought from lawmakers for several years.


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