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50-Year Jail Sentence For Repeat Offender

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August 30, 2013 — The Porter County Prosecuting Attorney says a woman there has a 50-year prison sentence for felony battery, a jail term that resulted from serious repeat offenses.

Prosecutor Brian Gensel says a judge sentence Billie Jo Moore today to a, ” a maximum sentence of fifty (50) years after citing one of the most extensive criminal histories he has ever seen.”

Gensel says a jury found Moore “Guilty” of aggravated battery as a habitual offender.

Porter County Deputy Prosecutor Trista Hudson asked for the maximum sentence based on the defendant’s six prior felony convictions and twelve misdemeanor convictions, including three batteries.  Hudson also noted the severe, almost deadly, injuries sustained by the Good Samaritan victim who had offered to let Moore use his telephone when asked.

Gensel says that during sentencing Judge Rodger Bradford told Moore, “that she was a danger to society and that the only way he could protect society was to incarcerate her for the maximum period allowed under the law.”


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