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$4.2 Billion BP Project Ready For Canadian Crude

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December 19, 2013

BP’s whiting refinery expansion is now finished.  We look at its impact.

And we still make plenty of cars in Indiana, but none of Indiana’s iconic names have survived. 50 years ago tomorrow, the last Studebaker rolled off the assembly line in South Bend. We’ll dive into why.

Gary is struggling to find alternatives to the way the county auctions tax delinquent properties.

Also, an author with Lake County ties talks about the very uneven sacrifice made by those in the modern military.

Guests include:

Scott Dean, spokesman for BP

Joe VanDyk Director, Director of the Department of Redevelopment

Andrew Beckman, archivist, The National Studebaker Museum in South Bend

Andrew J. Bacevich, author, Boston University


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