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Region Native Finds Calling Grooming Celebrities

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By: Hilary Powell

February 28, 2015 — Marcus Geeter wants women to spend more time in the mirror.

“If you do your makeup in five minutes it’s going to look like it was done in five minutes,” he says. “This is your time, when you do your makeup in the makeup this is your time to love yourself.

It’s a take on time from a man who’s been the hands behind familiar Hollywood faces and international print ads for three decades.

“I’ve done thousands of faces I’m sure,” he says. Geeter recently stopped by our studios to share his no-fuss face regimen. For a demonstration of his artwork, we’ve recruited lakeshore executive assistant Michele Schuchart.

“I just had my birthday and I’m ready for a new look,” Schuchart says.

Behind this artist who is deliberate with each brush stroke is a man who stumbled into his craft, he says. “I thought I was going to be a fashion buyer. I went to Chicago with a friend of mine who was an actress and I did her makeup. And the photographer kept calling me. 30 years later, I’m still doing makeup,” he says.

It’s a gift that’s led him to clients like Derek Rose Holly Robinson Peete and gigs around the globe.”I have worked in Paris, I’ve worked in London, I’ve worked in the Czech Republic,” Geeter says.

Greeter’s not from any of those places. He grew up in Gary, Ind. I went to Lew Wallace,” he says. “I was very much in theater. I was president of the drama club when I was in high school.

Geeter says his first inspiration came from a high school teacher.

“My favorite teacher was Ms. Hall. Her birthday’s tomorrow,” he says. “We still are in contact. She was my drama teacher. I absolutely love mrs. Hall. She was really one of those teachers who championed championed you to really be who you were, and to go after your dreams. And nothing was too big for any of her students. She would always tell us that. Just a wonderful person for me to go to for advice.”

He says he wants women to feel their best for less…so he sprinkles in affordable advice. “Drug store brands are very sophisticated now,” he says.

After Michele’s transformation Jeter’s final touch is a makeup motto that lasts longer than the looks he creates.

“Makeup is to be used to enhance your features, not cover them,” he says. “It’s not it’s not to be used as a mask. Just be who you are.”

More About Marcus

Marcus’ 3 Beauty Musts
• A concealer that matches your complexion
• A loose powder
• A neutral eye shadow palette


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