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ELVIS At 80! Remembering The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll — Elvis Presley

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This edition of “MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges” originally aired on DECEMBER 23, 2014 @ 6pmCST


 “REMEMBERING ELVIS PRESLEY” with musical guests drummer DJ Fontana (Elvis’ original drummer), Elvis event promoter Omar Farag, and the international Presley tribute artists Shawn Klush and Ryan Pelton.


On January 8, 1935, the biggest entertainer of all time – ELVIS PRESLEY – who came to be hailed as the King of Rock ‘N Roll, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.   As a salute to Elvis, in celebration of his upcoming 80th birthday, “Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges” spotlighted Elvis’ career with a selection of Presley music and group of very special guests.

Midwest concert promoter OMAR FARAG was Lounges’ in-studio guest as they called and chatted with a trio of special guests.   Among them were Elvis’ original ‘50s and ‘60s drummer and Rock And Roll Hall of Famer — DJ FONTANA — who performed on all of Elvis’ records from 1956 to 1968 and appeared in four of Elvis’ films.    Also guesting on this program are two of the world’s most popular “tribute” performers RYAN PELTON and SHAWN KLUSH.   All three are stars of “The Elvis Birthday Spectacular” tour with a date booked at Star Plaza Theatre on January 10th.

More:  www.etaspectacular.com


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7 responses to “ELVIS At 80! Remembering The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll — Elvis Presley”

  1. Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello says:

    That description, the biggest entertainer of all time is just about the only attribute which can NOT be debunked, especially with facts. Biggest is not best, which could be always a matter of taste. When we say the biggest, in any field, we are referring to the one whose legacy is the largest, usually mnot just in his field, but in other related ones. Again, the largest legacy, which again, is not the best, legacy, which is as well something that can be debatable . The biggest entertainer of all time is someone so big, that 1,234 biographie of him are in print, and nicely as well as readily avainlabe when yopu vivit the Ligvbrary of Congress, the world’s largest. You are the biggest entertainer when you are the subject of 5 personal exhibits in as m,many Presidential libraries, the five being, as well, the most visited in the country which in turn is also the mosr vivited. You are the iggest entertainer that ever set foot on thios earth whe not one, or two, nor three, but actually FOUR states in the Union are linked to the the tourist industry in the cities of Memphis, Tupelo, Las Vegas and Pearl Harbour, in the country which has the largest tourism apparatus in the world. You are ther biggest entertainer in history when 20 million pay to tour your home, and have passed before your place of enterrment. You are the greatest entertainer of all time when more than 75,000 people make a living out of recreating in some way a segment of your professional career. You are also the greatest entertainer when a single appearance at your zenith, sday, on the afternoon of October 28, 1956, where all three netweorkd stop their regular programming so that a live teecast is made of you taking Jonas Salt’s polio vaccine is directly responsible for increasing the level of polio immunization from 0.6 to 80 percent in the following six month period. And I haven;t made a mention of his being the most photographed, spoken about musician in history, or biggest solo recording artist in history, or the most celebrated regular Gi in history, and not today, but in the American Century, which as everyone knows, was the previous one, the Twentieth Century.

    • victor abreu says:

      Could not have stated this any better. The subject is considered the biggest entertainer of all time due to the brilliant points in which you have so poignantly stated. It was a great treat reading this masterful well thought out essay.

      • Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello says:

        Thanks Victor, and please take note of the fact that he achieved all of the latter without as much as ever trying to be the influential PERSON he became. To Presley it was a matter of giving others what he never had, as he grew up. I find it incredible that every single action he ever took, as a humanitarian , was not even remotedly connected with his or his immediate family{s , in any shape or form. The aid to the Arizona memorial, or to the thousands of Hungarian refugees, the polio, Kui Lee and St Jude’s initiatives (not a single Presley was ever struck with cancer, or polio), I mean the 50 charities he and now the Presey estate contributed represented his caring for others BUT without the slightest of “prejudgement” , as was for example, the contribution (twice as large as that of Elvis), given to the Pacific Commission which built the Arizona Memorial by a well television personality, whose next of kin had perished in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

        • victor abreu says:

          I agree wholeheartedly. His charitable endeavors and generosity were second to none. I remember reading about his incredible generosity in the 1970’s when he purchased 12 automobiles and simply gave them away to friends,including but limited to, an Afro American lady by the name of Minnie Pearson. To reiterate, what an extraordinary special entertainer and generous man. Once again my friend, an excellent written essay. I have always enjoyed your writings immensely.

  2. Tom Lounges says:

    I am very glad you all have enjoyed this Elvis program enough to comment on the measure of the man and the entertainer. Elvis is not only one of my favorite entertainers of all time, but he is the reason I wound up becoming a music journalist, which eventually led to my journey into radio. Thank to all for commenting.

  3. Tom Lounges says:

    One of the features I co-wrote for “Elvis International Magazine” some years ago with the late Al Dvorin (who produced the EP show that raised the funds for the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial) was about Elvis’ role in making that lasting tribute a reality. The article was written to protest the removal of Elvis’ name from the site by the board who oversees Pearl Harbor. Al was full of amazing stories about Elvis that he lived and saw first hand.

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