Galaxy Resurrects The Golden Era Stories of L. RON HUBBARD in Print and Audio

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“A LOOK AT THE ARTS with Tom Lounges”

This program originally aired on THURSDAY, AUGUST 21st @ 6pm CST

GUEST:  JOHN GOODWIN – President/Publisher of Galaxy Press on The Golden Era Stories of L. Ron Hubbard


This is a special edition of “A LOOK AT THE ARTS with Tom Lounges.”  *

This shows guest is JOHN GOODWIN – President and Publisher of Galaxy Press – who talks about Galaxy’s catalog of recently reissued classic pulp fiction books written by the late adventure/science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.   Hubbard wrote over 200 such stories between 1934 and 1950.  Currently through the efforts of Goodwin and Galaxy Press, 153 of the classic Hubbard pulp fiction books are back in print AND available in well-produced audio book format. 

Why have they been resurrected?  Why are they relevant today?  Listen to Goodwin tell the tale of the Golden Age of L. Ron Hubbard and it all becomes clear.  These superbly crafted books sporting authentic cover art from the original pressings and printed on “pulp” style paper are top quality.  The audio sports top production, Hollywood actors and special effects as the stories of sea captains, fighter pilots, gun-slingers of the Old West and other adventurers come to life.

Excerpts from the audio book for of Hubbard’s pulp fiction tale — “On Blazing Wings” — is featured during the program, as well as a song by progressive rocker EDGAR WINTER from Winter’s long out of print 1989 album, “Mission Earth.”   Winter’s concept album features songs actually composed by Hubbard that were inspired and adapted from Hubbard’s legendary “Battlefield Earth – Mission Earth” book series.   


More information and full catalog of releases available online at: www.goldenagestories.com  and www.galaxypress.com



* This program is a special hour-long, extended version of the usual 9-minute “A Look At The Arts with Tom Lounges” segments aired and archived by Lakeshore Public Radio.


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