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Gary On Course To Be NWI Choice For Trauma

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August 26, 2014

There has been a fair amount of discussion about how America will eventually become majority minority country, with no one demographic  making up more than half the population. This year it has already happened — at our nation’s schools.

Local, state and federal police are looking at ways to combat gang crime. We’ll talk to US Attorney for the Northern District David Capp.

The state has just designated Gary Methodist as a level III trauma center “in process,” making it the only trauma center for Northwest Indiana.

We’ll also find out about a growing sink hole that has three towns and one Dyer home owner very nervous, especially after all the rain.

Guest include:

Art Logsdon, Assistant Commissioner, state department of Health

Letitia Casto, homeowner

Lesli Maxwell, assistant editor Education Week

David Capp, US Attorney Northern District


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