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Expanded Indiana Beach Ready For Vacationers

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June 13, 2014 — The Associated Press–

A popular northern Indiana amusement park is celebrating its 88th birthday with new rides and a plan for growth.  Indiana Beach officials say the park first founded in 1926 has seven new rides for visitors this year.

The park was owned by the Spackman family until it sold the facility in 2008.  Community officials who rely on the nearly $60 million the attraction pumps into the Monticello-area economy each year had expressed concerns about layoffs of non-seasonal employees and of utilities that were shut off for lack of payment.

Indiana Beach Vice President Don Hurd is optimistic about the park’s future and that feedback on the new rides has been “very positive.”


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One response to “Expanded Indiana Beach Ready For Vacationers”

  1. alloiah meeshe says:

    Feedback has been positive??? Read the reviews of TripAdviser and talk to ANYONE who has actually been to Indiana Beach in the past 5 years and you will get the truth. The place is a pit! Nothing working, dirty, peeling paint, broken windows on shops, hateful staff, bad smells, horrible. After this corporation took over the place fell apart. I lived in Monticello growning up and until I was 37 and went there all the time when Tom Spackman owned the park. It was great then, not anymore. Mr. Hurd also told someone who asked him about all the bad reviews that they were all done by people “who just want to get something for free”. Umm, NO, those people are all telling the truth.

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