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Issues And Easter

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What’s it like to be a 911 police dispatcher, receiving calls from the frantic to the friendly and the serious to the sublime? On today’s show, WE will receive a call from a local 911 dispatcher, Amanda Gulley, who’s heard just about everything thru the years… and she will take Lakeshore listeners behind the scenes of her stressful job.

We’ll also talk with the heads of the Lake County 911 program – Jack Allendorf and Brian Hitchcock – to separate facts from rumors about the county’s controversial consolidation efforts.

AND, on this Good Friday, we’ll chat with a Valparaiso woman who’s taking part today in the emotional re-enactment of the final hours of Jesus, called the Way of the Cross. The 1.5 mile Way of the Cross procession begins at 4 pm at Heritage Lutheran Church in Valparaiso and ends at 5:30 at the Chapel of Resurrection at Valparaiso University.

Parishioners and volunteers take up roles to depict the steps that Jesus took, wearing a crown of thorns and walking under the weight of a cross, on the way to his own crucifixion. Karen, would YOU like to do such a thing?

Also, the Rev. Charles Strietelmeier has a very good idea today for Good Friday. It’s called the Listening Campaign. He is offering an open invitation to region residents of any faith – or no faith – to tell how they’ve been hurt by churches and organized religion in their past.

Plus, we’ll touch on Jerry’s column today on the new Wolf Lake Trail in Hammond, as well as why spring cleaning is needed…. for ALL of NWI.


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