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$1.8-million Payback Part of Federal Sentence

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August 9, 2013 — A Hammond woman has a prison term and an $1.8-million restitution sentence to pay for years of Medicaid fraud.

The United States Attorney’s Office in Hammond says 46-year-old Phyllis Lark was doing business as Absolute Care, before she was sentenced by District Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen to 37 months federal imprisonment and $1,863,585.92 in restitution to the Indiana Medicaid program.

He also sentenced Lark to three years of supervised release after she pleaded “guilty” to the felony offense of submitting fraudulent claims to Indiana Medicaid.

U.S. Attorney David Capp’s office says that according to federal documents, “Absolute Care was a targeted case management service dedicated to severely disabled Medicaid recipients. An investigation revealed that Lark and others billed Medicaid for services to over 60 of its recipients when in fact the recipients had never heard of Lark or her company and had not received any of the billed services.”

This case was the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Indiana Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. This case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Diane Berkowitz.


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2 responses to “$1.8-million Payback Part of Federal Sentence”

  1. Bryant Shawn Jacobs says:

    Mrs. Lark is a lair and she knows it she had coached them client that say that they don’t know her or the company she is a big lair and you people let her out of prison if she wants you to say something good a bout her she will meniplate you in to saying good things a bout her to make her look good she is a lair and a meniplater she is not a good person at all she is nasty evil and have a nasty attiude

  2. Bryant Shawn Jacobs says:

    Mrs.Lark has also blackball me with medicaid she ruden my rides to my doctors and my other people that i see as fair is my doctors i called medicaid they told my sir you have to take a cab then i told them i’m on a fits income i don’t have the money for that the lady said we don’t have the money eigher then she told them how i’m slandering me to everone she said things to them about me she ing going around telling people that i’m a girl that wants to be a man, and i’m all man having people wispering at me i use to go to a workshop called bridges she had them doing the samething but the preson would be hiding somewhere doing sometimes i see them then i grt afer them i gets susended it was a friend of mind that works there she told me that they knows i have a temper thats why they were doing the she told the people there things i didn’t say to start trouble putting words in my mouth she even told them to tell the people whom works there not to give me my supplys so it can look like i’m not working doing nothing.

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